Shooter's Bible Guide to AR-15s

Shooter's Bible Guide to AR-15s

A Comprehensive Reference to One of America's Favorite Rifles
Doug Howlett, Doug Howlett

There’s no denying the popularity and intense fascination with AR-15s among firearms enthusiasts today. Here, inside the most comprehensive source to date, is Doug Howlett’s expert approach to everything from the intriguing history of the AR to breaking down the weapon piece by piece, choosing ammunition, and even building your own gun.

In this complete book of AR-style firearms, you can peruse the products of all manufacturers, learn about the evolution of the AR from its uses in the military in the 1960s to its adaptation for law enforcement and civilian uses, and gain essential knowledge on the parts and functions of the rifle. Also included are chapters on customizing and accessorizing ARs with special focus on small gun shops makers and their unique and successful products. Look into the future of the AR straight from top gun authorities!

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