Dear Readers, Customers, Authors, and Friends:

We opened our doors in 2006 committed to bringing the world a broad mix of books. With forty-nine New York Times bestsellers, more than 8,000 books on our backlist, and over 750 titles planned over the next year, we've shown no signs of slowing down since 2011, when Publishers Weekly called us the fastest-growing small publisher in America.

The core categories of our Skyhorse imprint include outdoor sports, adventure, team sports, nature, and country living, with a good dose of politics, true crime, history and military history, reference, and humor—practical, literary, and general trade. Whether you are looking for a guide to fly tying, a lively read about organized crime or the world of politics, or the perfect gift, we hope you'll find what you are looking for on our list.

With nineteen imprints, we publish children's books as Sky Pony Press, regional sports books from Sports Publishing, practical books for creative professionals from Allworth Press, and literary fiction and nonfiction from Arcade Publishing, including the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Mo Yan. In fall 2011, we began to copublish the Not For Tourists series of travel guides. In 2012, we introduced the Helios series on philosophy, religion, and psychology. In 2013, we added the science fiction and fantasy publishers Night Shade Books and Talos Press, and health titles from Gary Null Publishing. In 2014 we acquired Good Books, which features the bestselling Fix-It and Forget-It series. In 2015 we launched our newest imprint Hot Books, offering important newsworthy books.

Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster in the U.S. Canada, and overseas.

I hope you enjoy our books as much as we enjoy publishing them.

Tony Lyons


About President and Publisher Tony Lyons

Tony Lyons, President and Publisher at Skyhorse, and an attorney, was Publisher at The Lyons Press between 1997 and 2004. He founded Skyhorse in 2006 and has been involved with every aspect of the book publishing process. Starting with a small team of people, some of whom still work for Skyhorse, Tony has steadily built the company from a start-up to an increasingly prominent mid-sized publisher.


About Skyhorse

Skyhorse Publishing, one of the fastest-growing independent book publishers in the United States, was launched in September 2006 by Tony Lyons, former president and publisher of the Lyons Press. The company has had forty-eight New York Times bestsellers and has over 9,000 titles in print.

Skyhorse is dedicated to publishing books that make people’s lives better, whether that means teaching them a hobby, bringing them a unique and important story, or encouraging them to fight against injustices, conspiracies, or abuses of power. The company maintains a firm stance against censorship and aims to provide a full spectrum of political, theological, cultural, and philosophical viewpoints to counter the increasingly biased environment in mainstream media.

Through its eighteen imprints, Skyhorse publishes an eclectic and maverick list of titles. Its imprints — Allworth Press, Arcade Publishing, Carrel Books, Clydesdale Press, Gary Null Publishing, Good Books, Helios Press, Hot Books, Night Shade Books, Not For Tourists, Racehorse Publishing, Racehorse For Young Readers, Seahorse Press, Sky Pony Press, Sports Publishing, Talos Press, Yucca Publishing, and Skyhorse Publishing — cover everything from nature, sports, country living, history, reference, travel, humor, health, art, business, philosophy, religion, politics, investigative and conspiracy, to fiction, literary nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult and children’s literature. Its backlist includes more than six thousand titles. Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster in the U.S. and abroad.


Our Mission Is:

To work hard, move fast, have fun, make money, and change lives for the better by publishing superior books on a wide range of topics from as many differing viewpoints as possible. To be passionate about the topics we publish, and to value honesty, integrity, mutual respect, and teamwork. To encourage personal and professional growth, celebrate initiative and creative thinking, and reward success.


What others have to say about us:

“My experience with the Skyhorse team has been fantastic. They produced the book in record time before the scheduled date. It looks beautiful and is accurate in all respects.  The editorial, technical, promotion, distribution and publicity teams have worked seamlessly together with great energy, talent and commitment.  Thank you so much.” 

Alan Dershowitz, New York Times bestselling author

[We] have the highest praise for Skyhorse Publishing and the joy of working with Publisher Tony Lyons and Group Editorial Director Mark Gompertz. Tony’s unconditional support for our book and his deep commitment to making the world a better place gave us the perfect home to create a New York Times bestselling children’s book series and the ability to reach countless families with our message.

Julian Lennon & Bart Davis, New York Times bestselling authors 

“Love working with you and your team!!”

Natalie Bubnis, Executive Producer, The View 

“In the era of corporate dominated mainstream media and feckless herd reporting, Skyhorse's willingness to tackle tough issues that other publishers won't touch has made it a critical cog in our democracy.”

–Robert F. Kennedy Jr., New York Times bestselling author

“I can’t begin to tell you how gratifying it is to have such enthusiasm and great support from everyone at Skyhorse.”

–Terry Goodkind, New York Times bestselling author

“My first series became a New York Times bestselling children’s series, and that would have never happened without Skyhorse. . . . It’s a great feeling, having them at my side.”

–Mark Cheverton, New York Times bestselling author

“I now believe the best word to describe me as an author is spoiled. That’s because the folks at Sky Pony have truly made me feel special about being in their stable. My editor is top-notch, and has a unique way of making me feel like her most important author.”

–Nancy Krulik, New York Times bestselling author

“First and foremost, Skyhorse took a chance on me as a first-time author, for which I'm extremely grateful. . . . The experience of working on and selling the book felt like an honest-to-God collaboration, and at no point did I feel like my voice was not being heard.”

–Mike Bockoven, author

“From the get-go, the Skyhorse editorial, marketing and sales, and publicity team championed my novel, The Promise. Two years after the first publication, the team continues to push the book with the same heartfelt and determined enthusiasm.”

–Ann Weisgarber, author

“My experience working with Skyhorse is always a positive collaboration. The editors are first-rate professionals, and my books receive top-shelf treatment. I truly appreciate our working relationship and hope it continues for years to come.”

–David Fischer, author

“It has been a pleasure watching Skyhorse Publishing develop into one of the largest and fastest-growing independent publishers over the last decade. Trident does a good deal of business with Skyhorse.  Skyhorse has become a cornerstone of independent publishing and has taken its rightful seat in the world of major trade publishing.”

–Robert Gottlieb, chairman of Trident Media Group, LLC

“Skyhorse leads the book business in their categories with quality publishing and driven entrepreneurial spirit. Skyhorse customers, authors, and other business partners can expect high-energy relationships and a personal touch.”

–Phil Ollila, President, Ingram Publisher Services