Home Remedies from a Country Doctor

Home Remedies from a Country Doctor

Oatmeal, Cucumbers, Ammonia, Lemon, Gin-Soaked Raisins: Timeless Solutions to More Than 200 Common Aches, Pains, and Illnesses
Jay Heinrichs, Dorothy Behlen Heinrichs, Jay Heinrichs, Dorothy Behlen Heinrichs, Yankee Magazine, The Editors of Yankee Magazine

Got a cough you can’t cure? An insatiable craving for a candy bar? A hangover you can’t shake? This is the book for anyone who wants quick, simple, time-proven cures for anything that ails you. Collected from over 250 country doctors, herbalists, nurses, midwives, dentists, and other medical professionals, here are more than 1,400 drug-free, country-tested remedies for warding off a backache, curing a cough with licorice, relieving neck pain with a hot-pepper cream, cooking a breakfast that will ward off a headache, curing a dizzy spell with potato chips, and much more. These “house-call cures” are tried and true and should be available in every home.

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