About Sports Publishing

For more than twenty years, Sports Publishing did an outstanding job recognizing and fulfilling the demand for sports titles of both regional and national interest. As an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, our goal is to continue the tradition of publishing books that appeal to the passionate, often underserved, fanbases of both pro and college teams across the nation by offering fresh, innovative books in a variety of attractive series.

Under the Skyhorse brand, Sports Publishing continues to capture the excitement of major sporting events as well as the most compelling stories from both on and off the playing fields, injecting a measure of the maverick energy that has helped make Skyhorse the fastest-growing independent publisher in the United States. We have breathed new life into many of the best-loved books on the Sports Publishing backlist, and we have invigorated the imprint with new books on individual teams, prominent sports personalities, and newly-crowned champions.

Welcome to the improved Sports Publishing.