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“Undaunted and determined, Inspector Mislan Latif is my kind of detective. Harry Bosch would ride shotgun with him any time.” —Michael Connelly


Eight months after the assassination attempt that nearly ended his life, Inspector Mislan Latif is back on twenty-four-hour duty with his assistant, Detective Sergeant Johan Kamaruddin, when the call about the double murder  comes in. The two dark-skinned men were killed identically, execution-style. In the master bedroom of the rental, in plain sight on the bed, is a bag of nearly three pounds of drugs, while no identfying documents, wallets, phones, and the like are to be found. No shots were heard, or the neighbors won’t admit to hearing them, but someone called in the killings to notify the police. In the area, drugs are rampant and also foreign nationals, legal and illegal. If the vics were foreign, without papers, where do they start? Just as Mislan and Jo begin to dig into the case, they face an unprecedented hurdle. COVID-19 is spreading in the country at an alarming rate, prompting a nationwide Movement Control Order. Pursuing their leads in spite of the new restrictions, the investigators come into contact with members of the underworld and the refugee community before realizing that the real culprits may be closer than they think.


"Stellar . . . Sure to win Noor new fans." —Publishers Weekly  starred review


On sale 3/7/2023


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Book Details
264 Pages
March 7, 2023
ISBN: 9781956763355
Ebook ISBN: 9781956763621
Series: Inspector Mislan
Imprint: Arcade CrimeWise
Trim Size: 6in x 9in

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