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    Brain Teasers
    211 Logic Puzzles, Lateral Thinking Games, Mazes, Crosswords, and IQ Tests to Exercise Your Mind and Keep You Sharp 'til You're 100
    By Ian Livingstone, By Jamie Thomson
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    A great way to have fun and build brain power, Brain Teasers offers a variety of games to delight and challenge even the most advanced puzzler. Brain Teasers shows off some outrageously fun new mindbenders, like anasearches (a combination of an anagram, a crossword, and a word search), numberlockers... [READ MORE]
    Chancing It
    The Laws of Chance and How They Can Work for You
    By Robert Matthews, Foreword by Larry Gonick
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Make your own luck by understanding probabilityOver the years, some very smart people have thought they understood the rules of chance?only to fail dismally. Whether you call it probability, risk, or uncertainty, the workings of chance often defy common sense. Fortunately, advances in math and science... [READ MORE]
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