Literary Criticism

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    The Candy Men
    The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy
    By Nile Southern
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A Rabelaisian satire loosely based on Voltaire's Candide, Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg's Candy became one of the most famous novels of the tumultuous 1960's. Detailing its humble beginnings in Paris through its agonizing three-year writing gestation (often on paper napkins, lost or destroyed)... [READ MORE]
    Beckett Remembering/Remembering Beckett
    A Celebration
    By Samuel Beckett, Edited by James Knowlson, Edited by Elizabeth Knowlson
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In life, Beckett was notoriously reticent, preferring to let his work speak for itself. In the first half of this collection, he reveals many of his inner thoughts and honest opinions about his life, writing, friends, and colleagues in candid interviews published for the first time in this book. He discusses... [READ MORE]
    Alternating Current
    By Octavio Paz
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A key figure in the Latin American literary renaissance, Octavio Paz focuses here on literature and art, drugs, the murder of God, and ethical and political problems.... [READ MORE]
    Piano in the Vineyard
    By Jean Janzen
    (Good Books)
    Once again, Jean Janzen writes mighty poems, finding those heart-stopping human moments for which there is no adequate language. Janzen, a National Endowment for the Arts winner, begins this newest collection of poetry with "Wailing in the Shower" and these arresting stanzas: "After the elation of giving... [READ MORE]
    In Other Words
    40 Years of Writing on Indonesia and the Wider World
    By Goenawan Mohamad, Translated by Jennifer Lindsay, Foreword by Terence Ward
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A wide-ranging and beautiful collection of essays from one of world literature’s most important writers. Goenawan Mohamad is one of Indonesia’s foremost public intellectuals, and this translated volume of essays—spanning from 1968 to the present day—demonstrates the breadth of his perceptive and elegant... [READ MORE]
    Discovering the Hidden Wisdom of The Little Prince
    In Search of Saint-Exupéry's Lost Child
    By Pierre Lassus, Translated by Gretchen Schmid
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Finally, one of the most of the most beloved books every published—explained. The Little Prince is revered around the world. Two hundred million copies have been sold in 270 languages; it is the fourth best-selling book of all time. Part of its allure is that is seems incredibly wise but so simple it... [READ MORE]
    Bearing Witness
    How Writers Brought the Brutality of World War II to Light
    By John R. Carpenter
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    It has been said that during times of war, the Muses fall silent. However, anyone who has read the major figures of mid-twentieth-century literature—Samuel Beckett, Richard Hillary, Norman Mailer, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, and others—can attest that it was through writing that people first tried... [READ MORE]
    A Study of George Orwell
    The Man and His Works
    By Christopher Hollis, Foreword by John Rodden
    (Racehorse Publishing)
    Author Christopher Hollis knew George Orwell personally during his schooldays at Eton, afterwards in Burma, and at the end of his life. His study of Orwell’s books is therefore illuminated by some anecdotes of reminiscence. However, it is important to note that this book is primarily a study rather than... [READ MORE]
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