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    The Bill of Rights Primer
    A Citizen's Guidebook to the American Bill of Rights
    By Akhil Reed Amar, By Les Adams
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Many Americans reference the Bill of Rights, a document that represents many of the freedoms that define the United States. Who doesn’t know about the First Amendment’s freedom of religion or Second Amendment’s right to bear arms? In this pocket-sized volume, Akhil Reed Amar and Les Adams offer a wealth... [READ MORE]
    Little Book of Family Group Conferences New Zealand Style
    A Hopeful Approach When Youth Cause Harm
    By Allan MacRae
    (Good Books)
    Family Group Conferences (FGCs) are the primary forum in New Zealand for dealing with juvenile crime as well as child welfare issues. This third volume in The Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding Series is about the juvenile justice system that is built around these conferences. Since their introduction... [READ MORE]
    Hollywood Dealmaking
    Negotiating Talent Agreements for Film, TV and New Media
    By Dina Appleton, By Daniel Yankelevits
    (Allworth Press)
    Hollywood Dealmaking has become the go-to resource for new and experienced entertainment attorneys, agent trainees, business affairs executives, and creative executives. Entertainment attorneys and Hollywood insiders Dina Appleton and Daniel Yankelevits explain the negotiation techniques and strategies... [READ MORE]
    The Second Amendment Primer
    A Citizen's Guidebook to the History, Sources, and Authorities for the Constitutional Guarantee of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    By Les Adams
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    So much of the debate about the Second Amendment is in scholarly journals and academic papers written by scholars and judges, or directed towards other scholars, law professors, attorneys, and judges. Trying to wade through the extensive footnotes and references to legal cases and historical precedents... [READ MORE]
    The Writer's Legal Guide, Fourth Edition
    By Tad Crawford, By Kay Murray
    (Allworth Press)
    In an increasingly digitized and complex publishing world, writers need to know how to protect themselves against copyright infringement, legal trouble, and unwise concessions to publishers. Still the author’s foremost advocate for copyright protection, fair contracts, and free expression, the Authors... [READ MORE]
    Learn from the Biggest Consumer and Money Frauds How Not to Be a Victim
    By Gini Graham Scott
    (Allworth Press)
    Drawn from the personal experience of dozens of victims, including the author's own encounters, Scammed exposes the most prevalent consumer and money scams lurking in modern society. With so many people falling prey to a wide variety of frauds due to increasing vulnerability on the anonymous Internet,... [READ MORE]
    The Big Book of Restorative Justice
    Four Classic Justice & Peacebuilding Books in One Volume
    By Howard Zehr, By Allan MacRae, By Kay Pranis, By Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
    (Good Books)
    For the first time, the four most popular restorative justice books in the Justice & Peacebuilding series—The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated, The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing, The Little Book of Family Group Conferences, and The Little Book of Circle Processes—are... [READ MORE]
    The Little Book of Transformative Community Conferencing
    A Hopeful, Practical Approach to Dialogue
    By David Anderson Hooker
    (Good Books)
    When conflicts become ingrained in communities, people lose hope. Dialogue is necessary but never sufficient, and often actions prove inadequate to produce substantial change. Even worse, chosen actions create more conflict because people have different lived experiences, priorities, and approaches to... [READ MORE]
    Fair Use, Free Use, and Use by Permission
    How to Handle Copyrights in All Media
    By Lee Wilson
    (Allworth Press)
    Who needs this book? Only every writer, photographer, illustrator, designer, businessperson, musician, songwriter, filmmaker, teacher, researcher, advertiser, and Web designer in the United States. How to find copyright owners, request permissions, and keep records? Easy-reference copyright duration... [READ MORE]
    The Pocket Legal Companion to Copyright
    A User-Friendly Handbook for Protecting and Profiting from Copyrights
    By Lee Wilson
    (Allworth Press)
    In our age of unlimited, around-the-clock communication, copyright literacy has become a must for almost all of us, and everyone—informed or not—seems to have strong opinions about the rights of copyright owners and the rights of copyright users. This clearly written and objective book will reward readers... [READ MORE]
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