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    Brick Shakespeare
    The Comedies—A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, and The Taming of the Shrew
    By John McCann, By Monica Sweeney, By Becky Thomas
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Explore four of Shakespeare’s comedies like never before—with LEGO bricks! This book presents Shakespeare’s most delightful comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Tempest, in one thousand amazing color photographs. This unique adaptation of the world’s... [READ MORE]
    Building the Wall
    The Play and Commentary
    By Robert Schenkkan, Afterword by Douglas S. Massey, Afterword by Julian E. Zelizer, Afterword by Timothy Patrick McCarthy
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In the tradition of Hamilton and Angels in America, a powerful, politically charged, dystopian drama that couldn’t be more timely. Written in a “white-hot fury” on the eve of the 2016 election, the stunning new play by Pulitzer Prize– and Tony Award–winning dramatist Robert Schenkkan is creating a nationwide... [READ MORE]
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