The Pocket Guide

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    The Pocket Hunting & Fishing Guide
    Tips, Tactics, and Must-Have Gear
    Foreword by Jay Cassell
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Hunters, fishers, campers, sportsmen . . . no matter your outdoor passion, The Pocket Hunting & Fishing Guide, the handy guide to water and woodland wisdom, belongs in your kit. This conveniently sized and whimsical handbook will teach you all the top outdoor secrets, from crayfish catching to moose... [READ MORE]
    The Pocket Guide to Prepper Knots
    A Practical Resource to Knots That Can Help You Survive
    By Patty Hahne
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Knowing the ropes when a catastrophic situation strikes can be the key to survival, and in The Pocket Guide to Prepper Knots, Patty Hahne demonstrates the most important multi-purpose knots preppers should be prepared to know. Illustrated with step-by-step instructions for tying them and the knots being... [READ MORE]
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