Tales from the Team

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    Tales from the 1962 New York Mets Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Stories from the Mets Inaugural Season
    By Janet Paskin, Foreword by Greg W. Prince
    (Sports Publishing)
    Tales from the 1962 New York Mets Dugout chronicles the adventures, mishaps, and unforgettable stories as the New York Mets burst onto the baseball scene. From the team’s first win, in its 10th game of the season, to its last loss, which ended with the Mets grounding into a triple play, Tales from the... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Baltimore Orioles Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Orioles Stories Ever Told
    By Louis Berney
    (Sports Publishing)
    For several decades, the Baltimore Orioles were the envy of every Major League Baseball team. Now fans of this indomitable team can walk into the stadium and onto the field with Louis Berney’s newly revised edition of Tales from the Baltimore Orioles Dugout. Individually, these stories are funny, poignant,... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Steelers Stories Ever Told
    By Dale Grdnic
    (Sports Publishing)
    One of the oldest teams in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers have carved one of the most exciting legacies in professional football. Founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates by Art Rooney in 1933 with winnings from a single day at the racetrack, the Steelers spent the next 40 years as the NFL’s “Lovable Losers.”... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Wisconsin Badgers Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Badgers Stories Ever Told
    By Justin Doherty, By Brian Lucas
    (Sports Publishing)
    This newly revised edition of Tales from the Wisconsin Badgers Sideline weaves together a series of anecdotes, personal recollections, and research to bring readers a taste of the stories that make Badgers football so interesting. There are the Heisman Trophies hard-earned by running backs Alan Ameche... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Buffalo Bills Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Bills Stories Ever Told
    By Joe DeLamielleure, By Michael Benson
    (Sports Publishing)
    In the 1970s, Joe DeLamielleure led a Buffalo Bills offensive line affectionately called the Electric Company, because they turned the power up. A starter from the first game of his rookie season in 1973, DeLamielleure led the way to the first 2,000-yard season in NFL history. After that, the feats of... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Philadelphia 76ers Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Sixers Stories from the 1982-83 Championship Season
    By Gordon Jones, By Pat Williams, Foreword by Billy Cunningham
    (Sports Publishing)
    The Sixers won 65 games and an NBA championship in 1982–83, still one of the finest seasons in NBA history. It was Moses Malone who, in the days before the playoffs, gave the team its battle cry. Asked by coach Billy Cunningham how he thought things would go in the playoffs, Moses said, "Fo’, fo’, fo’,”—... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the USC Trojans Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Trojans Stories Ever Told
    By Tom Kelly, By Tom Hoffarth, Foreword by Craig Fertig
    (Sports Publishing)
    Tom Kelly, the legendary signature voice of USC sports for nearly five decades, combines with coauthor Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News of Los Angeles to take Trojan fans on a journey of memories and previously untold anecdotes from and about many of the great coaches, players, teams, and games in USC... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Toronto Maple Leafs Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Maple Leafs Stories Ever Told
    By David Shoalts
    (Sports Publishing)
    The glory years for the Toronto Maple Leafs—four Stanley Cups in the 1960s—may be distant memories, but what the team lacks in recent accomplishments is made up for by their history, which is rich in drama, pathos, and, most of all, humor. Figures connected to the Maple Leafs from the 1950s to the present... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Los Angeles Dodgers Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Dodgers Stories Ever Told
    By Rick Monday, With Ken Gurnick, Foreword by Tommy Lasorda
    (Sports Publishing)
    It took something truly remarkable to save the 1981 Major League Baseball season from being remembered only as the year of the players’ strike. It took the Los Angeles Dodgers: Fernandomania and Lasorda and Garv and Bake and the Penguin. It took three amazing October comebacks to beat the Houston Astros,... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Drag Strip
    Memorable Stories from the Greatest Drag Racer of All Time
    By Don Garlits, With Bill Stephens, Foreword by Shirley Muldowney
    (Sports Publishing)
    Since the moment that young men began modifying and personalizing their automobiles back in the 1940s and ’50s, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits was squarely in the thick of this intoxicating pursuit. Tales from the Drag Strip with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits is a first-person account of the many memorable experiences... [READ MORE]
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