Tales from the Team

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    Tales from Augusta's Fairways
    A Collection of the Greatest Masters Stories Ever Told
    By Jim Hawkins, Contributions by Robert Hartman
    (Sports Publishing)
    Peer beyond the high, thick hedges of Augusta National Golf Club for an intimate, entertaining glimpse of the classic cathedral that is home to golf's most venerable, unique event. In this newly-revised edition of Tales from Augusta’s Fairways, Jim Hawkins and Robert Hartman capture all the power and... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Blue Jays Stories Ever Told
    By Jim Prime
    (Sports Publishing)
    From the club’s inception in the late ’70s to winning the division for the first time in the ’80s, Joe Carter’s epic home run, the two World Series titles in the early ’90s, the reign of Roy Halladay, Josh Donaldson’s MVP season, and everything in between, the Blue Jays have continued to build a storied... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Angels Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Angels Stories Ever Told
    By Steve Bisheff
    (Sports Publishing)
    Tales from the Angels Dugout is a humorous and fascinating look at the lighter side of forty-one years of frustration followed by the excitement of 2002. Award-winning sportswriter Steve Bisheff reminds us of those colorful days with The Cowboy, Gene Autry and the struggles under the ownership of the... [READ MORE]
    Amazing Tales from the Cleveland Indians Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Tribe Stories Ever Told
    By Russell Schneider
    (Sports Publishing)
    Calling all Tribe fans! In this one-of-a-kind compendium of anecdotes from players, managers, and beat writers, Russell Schneider captures all the magic and passion of Cleveland Indians baseball. Amazing Tales from the Cleveland Indians Dugout is a colorful journey through the history of the franchise.... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Dodgers Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Dodgers Stories Ever Told
    By Carl Erskine, Foreword by Vin Scully
    (Sports Publishing)
    To baseball fans of today, the name “Dodgers” is synonymous with Hollywood, the warm California sun, and names like Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson, Steve Garvey, and Orel Hershiser. The Dodgers mean much more than that to fans of baseball history, however. Namely, these fans remember the famed “Boys of Summer,”... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Penguins Stories Ever Told
    By Joe Starkey, Foreword by Mike Lange
    (Sports Publishing)
    Readers have the chance to meet the Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the wildest, wackiest, most wonderful sports franchises that ever waddled its way across North America. If Penguins fans are not shedding tears of sadness, they are crying for joy or simply laughing so hard they cannot stop. No franchise... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Florida State Seminoles Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Seminoles Stories Ever Told
    By Bobby Bowden, With Steve Ellis, With Wayne McGahee III
    (Sports Publishing)
    For 33 years, Bobby Bowden was the heart and soul of Florida State football. Now Seminoles fans of every generation will get to relive the glory and passion of Florida’s winningest coach in this edition of Tales from the Florida State Seminoles Sideline. In this gripping narrative, Bobby Bowden and Steve... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the 1967 Red Sox
    A Collection of the Greatest Stories Ever Told
    By Rico Petrocelli, By Chaz Scoggins
    (Sports Publishing)
    By the end of 1966, the Boston Red Sox were a team in serious trouble. The Red Sox had not won a pennant in twenty years and had not posted a winning record in eight. Pampered by their benevolent owner, Tom Yawkey, the Red Sox had developed a reputation as a team that cared more about having a good time... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Indiana Hoosiers Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Indiana Basketball Stories Ever Told
    By John Laskowski, By Stan Sutton
    (Sports Publishing)
    In this action-packed collection of stories, Hoosier alum John Laskowski and veteran sportswriter Stan Sutton take readers onto the court and up to the basket with some of the greatest IU players to ever grace the hardwood. Fans will relive all the excitement, the disappointment, the laughter, and the... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Golden State Warriors Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Warriors Stories Ever Told
    By Laura Monique Ordoñez
    (Sports Publishing)
    In 2015-16, the Golden State Warriors accomplished something that no team in NBA history had ever done before—they won a record 73 games in the regular season en route to a trip to the Finals, where they lost in seven games to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The previous season had also been historic, as the... [READ MORE]
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