Tales from the Team

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    Tales from the Dallas Cowboys Sideline
    Reminiscences of the Cowboys Glory Years
    By Cliff Harris, By Charlie Waters, Foreword by Roger Staubach
    (Sports Publishing)
    Tales from the Dallas Cowboys Sideline is a fascinating, fun look at the inner workings of one of the most beloved teams of all time. From what really happened during Tony Porsett’s TD run in Super Bowl XII to Coach Tom Landry’s suggestions on pre-game meals, this book is a hilarious and unique collection... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Dodgers Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Dodger Stories Ever Told
    By Carl Erskine, Foreword by Vin Scully
    (Sports Publishing)
    To baseball fans of today, the name “Dodgers” is synonymous with Hollywood, the warm California sun, and names like Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson, Steve Garvey, and Orel Hershiser. The Dodgers mean much more than that to fans of baseball history, however. Namely, these fans remember the famed “Boys of Summer,”... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Penguins Stories Ever Told
    By Joe Starkey, Foreword by Mike Lange
    (Sports Publishing)
    Readers have the chance to meet the Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the wildest, wackiest, most wonderful sports franchises that ever waddled its way across North America. If Penguins fans are not shedding tears of sadness, they are crying for joy or simply laughing so hard they cannot stop. No franchise... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Seattle Mariners Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Mariners Stories Ever Told
    By Kirby Arnold
    (Sports Publishing)
    Larry Andersen, Richie Zisk, and Joe Simpson made sure that everywhere bewildered manager Rene Lachemann went during the 1982 season, some Jell-O was sure to follow—from his hotel bathroom sink, tub, and toilet (filled to the brim) to a postgame can of beer. Jay Buhner, one of the stars in the Seattle... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Sacramento Kings Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Kings Stories Ever Told
    By Jerry Reynolds, With Don Drysdale, Foreword by Grant Napear
    (Sports Publishing)
    Jerry Reynolds was country before country was cool. He also was part of the Sacramento Kings before that was cool. 2015 marks the team’s 30th season in California’s capital, and Jerry has been there from the start. Quietly, he has been instrumental in the team’s growth from a shoestring operation that... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Indianapolis 500
    A Collection of the Greatest Indy 500 Stories Ever Told
    By Jack Arute, By Jenna Fryer, Foreword by A. J. Foyt
    (Sports Publishing)
    What’s it like to race across the blacktop of the nation’s most famous track? How does it feel to smash into a concrete wall while going over 200 miles per hour? This exciting, humorous, and poignant collection of tales takes readers inside the most thrilling race in America. Newly updated, Tales from... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the New York Rangers Locker Room
    A Collection of the Greatest Rangers Stories Ever Told
    By Gilles Villemure, By Mike Shalin, Foreword by Ed Giacomin
    (Sports Publishing)
    In the late 1960s the New York Rangers transformed from NHL also-rans to Stanley Cup contenders. Gilles Villemure was part of that transformation. The little goaltender had a long wait to make it to the National Hockey League, which had only six teams until after the middle of the decade. Eventually... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout
    A Collection of the Greatest Blue Jays Stories Ever Told
    By Jim Prime
    (Sports Publishing)
    From the club’s inception in the late ’70s to winning the division for the first time in the ’80s, Joe Carter’s epic home run, the two World Series titles in the early ’90s, the reign of Roy Halladay, and everything in between, the Blue Jays have continued to build a storied history as one of baseball’s... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Indianapolis Colts Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Colts Stories Ever Told
    By Mike Chappell, By Phil Richards
    (Sports Publishing)
    With roots that go back to 1913, the Indianapolis Colts are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. But the real legacy of achievement began in 1984 when the Colts arrived in Indianapolis after a midnight escape from Baltimore. Almost thirty years later, the Colts have forged a new identity as... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Green Bay Packers Sideline
    A Collection of the Greatest Packers Stories Ever Told
    By Chuck Carlson
    (Sports Publishing)
    Since their dominance of professional football in the 1960s, the Green Bay Packers have reemerged as one of the elite teams in the NFL, with Super Bowl championships in 1996 and 2010. The victory and legend of Green Bay Packers continues in Chuck Carlson’s Tales from the Green Bay Packers Sideline ,... [READ MORE]
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