Where Have You Gone?

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    Boston Celtics
    Where Have You Gone? Robert Parish, Nate Archibald, Bill Sharman, and Other Celtic Greats
    By Mike Carey, By Michael D. McClellan
    (Sports Publishing)
    With unforgettable players and the winningest tradition in the NBA, the Celtics can lay claim to some of the most unique stories in the league. But what happens when the lights go dim, the crowds depart, and the players leave the court? In Boston Celtics Where Have You Gone? fans can catch up with their... [READ MORE]
    Baltimore Orioles
    Where Have You Gone? Cal Ripken Jr., Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, and Other Orioles Greats
    By Jeff Seidel
    (Sports Publishing)
    Baltimore Orioles: Where Have You Gone? is a unique look at what a number of former Orioles personalities have gone on to do in life since their playing careers ended. Author Jeff Seidel spoke with a wide-ranging selection of former Baltimore players, from such stars as Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson... [READ MORE]
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Where Have You Gone? Vince Coleman, Ernie Broglio, John Tudor, and Other Cardinals Greats
    By Rob Rains, With Keith Schildroth
    (Sports Publishing)
    The St. Louis Cardinals are a team steeped in history and a winning tradition. For proof look no further than the epic 2011 World Series! The secret to their success? It’s those special players who have been lucky enough to don the Birds at Bat. But whatever happened to those players once the bright... [READ MORE]
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