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Cleopatra's Confessions
A Feline Guide to Coping with Dogs, Humans, and Other Pointless Interruptions to a Good Nap
Cleopatra H. Cat, Cleopatra H. Cat, Cleopatra J. Cat
Humans have a purpose in this world: providing high-quality cat food, both wet and dry, also the Minimum Daily Cat Requirement of petting(not less than two hours),and most important, making available a good Sleep Environment for a cat. This must...

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The Water Gardening Idea Book
How to Build, Plant, and Maintain Ponds, Fountains, and Basins
Peter Bisset, Peter Bisset
Learn how to transform an ordinary backyard garden into a true showpiece. Originally published in 1924, Peter Bisset shares with readers timeless advice and tips for creating a variety of water gardens. After experiencing one, it’s easy to see...

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Modern Book Collecting
A Basic Guide to All Aspects of Book Collecting: What to Collect, Who to Buy from, Auctions, Bibliographies, Care, Fakes, Investments, Donations, Definitions, and More
Robert A. Wilson, Robert A. Wilson
Everything you need to know about collecting books, in one classic guide.Modern Book Collecting offers advice that answers all the most important questions a book lover and collector might have—what to collect and where to find it, how to tell a...

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Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers
Their Ammunition, Ballistics and Use
Julian S. Hatcher, Julian S. Hatcher
Originally published in 1935, Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers is a treatise on handguns of the early twentieth century. Written by Major Julian S. Hatcher, an expert on the subject of firearms of all sorts, readers will gain invaluable insight into...

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The School Counselor's Mental Health Sourcebook
Strategies to Help Students Succeed
Rick Auger, Rick Auger
The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model urges school counselors to know every student and broaden their knowledge of mental health disorders. With more students in need of mental health services than ever before, the timing is...

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Wellington's Rifles
The British Light Infantry and Rifle Regiments, 1758–1815
Ray Cusick, Ray Cusick
Until now there has not been a serious study of the rifle-armed regiments of the British Army that earned such renown in the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns. Compiled by a former rifleman, Ray Cusick, who has written extensively on the subject...

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Ninja Secrets of Invisibility
Ashida Kim, Ashida Kim
Like the ninja warrior, you too can walk unobserved, penetrating forbidden areas unseen, departing at will without leaving a trace. Now this classic work’s secrets of invisibility, known to the ninja of old, can be part of your self-defense...

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Detox 101
A 21-Day Guide to Cleansing Your Body through Juicing, Exercise, and Healthy Living
Jessi Andicks, Jessi Andricks
Detox 101 is your twenty-one-day guide to cleansing without deprivation. In this program, you will clean out your body, mind, and soul to bring you back to a whole, healthy, and happy you for life. You'll be guided through twenty-one days of healthy...

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Adventures in the Path of Empire
Bayard Taylor, Bayard Taylor
A journalist’s eyewitness account of the explosive 1849 California gold rush and his travels through Mexico. In 1849, a young, wide-eyed reporter from New York ventured West not to seek riches, but to report on the madness and exuberance of the...

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The Big Book of Special Education Resources
Second Edition
George Giuliani, George Giuliani, Roger Pierangelo, Roger Pierangelo
There are abundant resource in the field of special education for professionals and parents of children with special needs. However, it can be a daunting task to navigate through this sea of organizations, Web sites, books, and other resources in...

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