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A DIY Guide to Putting Down the Bottle and Embracing Healthier, Happier Hair
Savannah Born
Learn about the cult beauty trend that’s changing the way we think about our hair—and improving the way it looks—in the first ever book about the shampoo-free movement.Triethanolamine and propylene glycol, methylparaben, sodium laureth...

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Nervous Water
Variations on a Theme of Fly Fishing
Steve Raymond
Nervous water has a meaning: while the fleeting crease or subtle wrinkle on the surface of a lake or stream could be nothing, wise anglers known that these small surface movements are nearly always signs of fish stirring below—as it is with the...

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Reflective Practice for Educators
Professional Development to Improve Student Learning
Karen F. Osterman, Robert B. Kottkamp
Written for teachers, administrators, and professional development specialists in schools and universities, this book is an educators’ guide to reflective practice. In clear, accessible language, the authors explain the potential to create...

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The Magic of Mental Diagrams
Expand Your Memory, Enhance Your Concentration, and Learn to Apply Logic
Claudio Aros
When Einstein said we only use 10 percent of our brain, he was inviting us to explore all those capabilities that are waiting to be awakened. This book finally explains how to do just that.Mental diagrams are a simple, efficient means of activating...

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What Successful Teachers Do
101 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for New and Veteran Teachers
Neal A. Glasgow, Cathy D. Hicks
Written for novice and seasoned professionals alike, this updated edition of a powerful bestseller provides research-based best practices and practical applications that promote strong instruction and classroom management.The authors translate the...

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Blue Upright
The Flies of a Lifetime
Steve Raymond
According to Steve Raymond, tying flies requires “imagination and skill, creativity and discipline, patience and vision.” But for the fly fisher, tying flies is more than that—it is the creation of a living insect from fur, feathers...

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Passage to Cuba
An Up-Close Look at the World's Most Colorful Culture
Cynthia Carris Alonso
To stroll the streets of Cuba—to hear the rumbling engines of its 1950s automobiles, the jazz, and the rumba—is to travel back in time, to see jaw-dropping natural beauty and the artists, musicians, and folklore of legends.With access few...

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See It, Cook It
Easy-to-Do, Fool-Proof Recipes for the Would-Be Gourmet
If you’ve ever shown even the slightest interest in cooking, you’ve probably accumulated quite a wealth of cookbooks over the years—some that you probably haven’t even opened more than once or twice. This cookbook, however, is...

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Low Carb High Fat Barbecue
80 Healthy LCHF Recipes for Summer Grilling, Sauces, Salads, and Desserts
Birgitta Höglund
Summertime brings many things: warm weather, vacations, sandy beaches—and barbecues. It might seem impossible to plan a menu of healthy food for the backyard cookout or a picnic. But grilled meats and seafood are perfect for the low carb high fat...

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Creating a Positive School Culture
How Principals and Teachers Can Solve Problems Together
Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Maureen Taylor
Principals and teachers have very different perspectives, pressures, and struggles. As a result, problems of negativity, isolation, or censure often develop among staff members. This may cause principals and teachers to spend a tremendous amount of...

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Practical Guide for First-Year Teachers
Tools for Educators in Grades 1-3
Mary Presson Roberts
Mary Presson Roberts remembers her first year of teaching fourteen years ago and the less than positive experience she had to overcome as she struggled alone to become the dedicated and excellent teacher she is today. Your Mentor: A Practical Guide...

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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
An Autobiographical Account of an Escaped Slave and Abolitionist
Harriet Ann Jacobs
After hiding in her grandmother’s attic for seven years, Harriet Ann Jacobs was finally able to escape servitude—and her master’s sexual abuse—when she fled to the North. Once there, she became a very active abolitionist, and...

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An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers
Mark Brewer
As Mark Brewer explains in his introduction, "Beer is one of the oldest beverages known to man . . . and woman! In fact women were the first brewers since one of their primary responsibilities involved cooking. Years ago beer was considered a food as...

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The Mindful Golfer
How to Lower Your Handicap While Raising Your Consciousness
Stephen Altschuler, Stephen Altshuler
Golf is a Zen sport. If you leave the present moment, you will likely feel the immediate karmic consequences like a hammer hitting your thumb.In The Mindful Golfer: How to Lower Your Handicap While Raising Your Consciousness, Stephen Altschuler helps...

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The Toxin-Free Home
A Guide to Maintaining a Clean, Eco-Friendly, and Healthy Home
Alison Haynes
With the amount of junk a family can amass, it seems impossible to keep a tidy home. Home Detox Handbook teaches you how to tackle every cleaning project in your home with ease, from washing stained laundry to scouring kitchen cupboards to creating...

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Daniel Boone
The Pioneer of Kentucky
John S. C. Abbott
Daniel Boone is regarded as the first real American folk hero. Without his cunning bravery, settlement west of the Appalachians may not have been made possible for years. Boone’s Wilderness Road, which is still used today, helped bridge the...

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Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
The Remarkable Life of FDR's Secretary of the Treasury
Herbert Levy
A fascinating exploration of early to mid-twentieth-century politics as seen through the eyes of a Roosevelt technocrat.History seems to repeat itself. With ongoing wars abroad and the collapse of financial institutions at home, Americans rely on...

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Natural Birdhouses
25 Simple Projects Using Found Wood to Attract Birds, Bats, and Bugs into Your Garden
Amen Fisher, Maria Fisher
There is nothing quite like watching the interesting animals in your yard. In Natural Birdhouses , you’ll find instructions for making birdhouses, feeders, bat houses, and pollinator houses using materials that you can find locally for free.In...

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Aromatherapy for Sensual Living
Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul
Elana Millman
Aromatherapy has successfully infiltrated our world. The flowers are speaking and we are listening. Innocuously, most people have a bottle of lavender, peppermint, or even oregano tucked away in the back of the drawer or medicine cabinet for an...

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Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom
Interactions and Interventions
Jean Cheng Gorman
This unique book focuses on the interaction of learning disabilities and emotional disorders, fostering an understanding of how learning problems affect emotional well-being, and vice-versa. Jean Cheng Gorman provides research-based, classroom-tested...

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