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The Bee Cottage Story
How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness
Frances Schultz
Inspired by Frances Schultz’s popular House Beautiful magazine series on the makeover of her East Hampton house, Bee Cottage, what began as a decorating book evolved into a memoir combining the best elements of both: beautiful photos and a...

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The Beginner's Guide to Making Scarves
From Infinity to Cable-Knit, Looped to Ruffle, Easy-to-Follow Instructions Reveal How to Make 75 Contemporary Designs,
A gorgeous collection of fashionable, contemporary designs, The Beginner’s Guide to Making Scarves presents easy-to-follow instructions and full-color step-by-step photographs to teach new crafters the easiest and most fun ways to make both...

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The Bill of Rights Primer
A Citizen's Guidebook to the American Bill of Rights
Akhil Reed Amar, Les Adams
A valuable reference to understanding your freedoms.Many Americans reference the Bill of Rights, a document that represents many of the freedoms that define the United States. Who doesn’t know about the First Amendment’s freedom of...

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Drone Warfare
The Development of Unmanned Aerial Conflict
Dave Sloggett
An unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight is either controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle, or under the remote control of a navigator or pilot on the ground or in...

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Endangered Words
A Collection of Rare Gems for Word Lovers
Simon Hertnon
Afterwit, agathism, ambsace, anacampserote, antepenultimate, antimony, and more!“When a word perfectly captures a human truth, humans respond to it in the same way that they respond to a beautiful melody. They smile. They nod their heads. They...

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Healing Smoothies
100 Research-Based, Delicious Recipes That Provide Nutrition Support for Cancer Prevention and Recovery
M.S. Daniella Chace
100 Research-Based, Delicious Recipes That Provide Nutrition Support for Prevention and RecoveryFight cancer and help prevent recurrence with these delicious smoothies!Over the last few years there has been a tremendous surge in research identifying...

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101 Beautiful and Useful Craft Projects You Can Make at Home
Ros Badger, Elspeth Thompson
Chock full of practical, thoughtful advice from seasoned crafters, Homemade contains over one hundred craft projects that require you to look no further than your very own home. As economic and environmental factors start to play a greater role in...

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The Jewish Olympics
The History of the Maccabiah Games
Ron Kaplan
Having grown from 390 athletes from fourteen countries to nine thousand athletes from seventy-eight countries, the Maccabiah Games (or the “Jewish Olympics,” as it has come to be known) continue to gain popularity. The Maccabiah Games...

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The Modern Juicer
52 Dairy-Free Drink Recipes Using Rice, Oats, Barley, Soy, and Vegetables
Maria del Mar Gómez
Learn to prepare vegetable milks that are nutritious and delicious!Animal milk is one of the most basic ingredients in many people’s diets. But recent studies show us that the consumption of animal milk presents, especially for adults, more...

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Native American Skills
Hunting, Trapping, Woodwork, and More
Become a pro at living and thriving off the land.Native American Skills is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made the people who first lived on our continent revered. Readers can replicate outdoor living by trying a hand at making...

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