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Birthday Cakes
50 Traditional and Themed Cakes for Fun and Festive Birthdays
Janne Jansen, Janne Jansen
50 Recipes for birthday...

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Integrating Science with Mathematics & Literacy
New Visions for Learning and Assessment
Elizabeth Hammerman, Elizabeth Hammerman, Diann Musial, Diann Musial
Challenge and expand students' abilities with multidimensional performance tasks!In this invaluable resource, science educators Elizabeth Hammerman and Diann Musial define a new vision for integrating science, mathematics, and language arts with...

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Keys to the Elementary Classroom
A New Teacher's Guide to the First Month of School
Carrol Moran, Carrol Moran, Judy Stobbe, Judy Stobbe, Wendy Baron, Wendy Baron, Janette Miller, Janette Miller, Ellen Moir, Ellen Moir
Best practices to help you start the school year in a powerful way!For elementary teachers entering the classroom for the first time, this updated edition of the bestseller Keys to the Classroom provides practical guidelines to help you build a...

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The Peruvian Kitchen
Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, and Techniques in 100 Delicious Recipes
Morena Cuadra, Morena Cuadra
Peruvian food has been climbing the culinary ladder at full speed, praised by the untrained palate of the average traveler and by food experts alike. Local Peruvian chefs are quickly gaining international celebrity status, opening restaurants in major...

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The Smartest Things Ever Said about Everything
True Wisdom from the Most Brilliant People Who Ever Lived
Rosemarie Jarski, Rosemarie Jarski
With over six thousand entries, this amazingly comprehensive collection can make anyone sound as smart as Einstein, Plato, or Shakespeare.Join hundreds of other travelers among life’s highway as they share their pearls of hard-won wisdom. All of...

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90 Minutes at Entebbe
The Full Inside Story of the Spectacular Israeli Counterterrorism Strike and the Daring Rescue of 103 Hostages
Jerry Jesness, William Stevenson, William Stevenson
The incredible story of an Israeli mission that rescued 103 hostages from a hijacked jetliner.On June 27, 1976, Air France Flight 139 was hijacked by terrorists and flown to Entebbe Airport in Uganda. In the following agonizing days, Israeli...

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Absaraka, Home of the Crows
A Military Wife's Journal Retelling Life on the Plains and Red Cloud's War
Margaret Carrington
The classic journal and firsthand account of one of the most disastrous military battles of the American frontier.On July 17, 1866, two soldiers and six wagoners were killed by Sioux Indians. In the next two weeks, fourteen more men died in Sioux...

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The American Freedoms Primer
A Citizen's Guidebook to the Most Celebrated Declarations of American Liberty
Les Adams
The American Freedoms Primer is a compilation of the most historically significant speeches and writings on liberty, from the seventeenth century to the present day. Many of the declarations contained in these pages have influenced and inspired...

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American Pistol Shooting
William D. Frazer, William D. Frazer
The ultimate book for the gun enthusiast and the historian alike, American Pistol Shooting is a textbook of old-world techniques for successful shooting. The author Major William D. Frazer was an incredibly accomplished marksman in his day, earning...

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Badass Prepper's Handbook
Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Yourself for the Worst
James Henry, James Henry
Disaster can strike at any time with no warning. Most people aren’t forward-thinking enough to prepare for the worst, and others simply don’t have the skills needed to successfully prepare. That’s where Badass Preppers Handbook comes...

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