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The Food Dehydrating Bible
Grow it. Dry it. Enjoy it!
Brett L. Markham
Bestselling author of the Mini Farm series, self-sufficiency expert Brett Markham turns his attention to the timeless art of food dehydrating.An avid food dryer for years, Brett walks you through the simple steps for dehydrating everything from...

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1,001 Pearls of Wisdom to Build Confidence
Advice and Guidance to Inspire You in Love, Life, and Work
Alan Ken Thomas
Confidence is not something that most people are born with. It is crafted through hard work and dedication. The key to confidence is trust in yourself and always believing that you’re capable of doing anything. In 1,001 Ways to Build Confidence...

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101 Favorite Nymphs and Wet Flies
History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies
David Klausmeyer
An invaluable reference for beginning and experienced fly tyers alike.101 Favorite Nymph and Wet Flies is the latest from acclaimed writer David Klausmeyer to complement his recent volume, 101 Favorite Dry Flies. Whether you are a beginner seeking a...

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Art on Skin
Tattoos, Style, and the Human Canvas
Nancy Hajeski, Marcel Brousseau, Lisa Purcell
A celebration of all things tattoo, this visually appealing wealth of tattoo knowledge will have you running for the nearest tattoo artist. The twenty-first century has seen a boom in tattooing, with millions of American’s—23 percent of...

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Backyard Bird Photography
How to Attract Birds to Your Home and Create Beautiful Photographs
Fans of bird watching will rejoice with Backyard Bird Photography, a guide for learning how to set up your backyard in order to take the best photographs of your local birds. In addition to guiding you through the first steps of setting up your...

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Black Bass
John Alden Knight
Originally published in 1949, John Alden Knight’s Black Bass enforces the idea that enjoying a sport to its fullest is only possible when one also understands every aspect of the sport, from its inception to its technicalities and everything in...

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The Book of Fly Patterns
Over 1,000 Patterns for the Construction of Artificial Flies
Eric Leiser
The finest fly tying reference book of all time.Drawing on the designs and innovations of the best fly tyers, both past and present, Eric Leiser interprets more than one thousand classic and contemporary fly patterns. Here is all the information (hook...

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Book III: Tomorrow's Children
David Saperstein
More than fifteen years have now passed since the children of the Geriatric Brigade were born and left behind on Earth . . . and now the Third Christian Millennium has begun. The children have been secreted, protected, nourished, educated, and loved...

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Celtic Fairy Tales
Joseph Jacobs
Originally published in 1892, this beautifully written collection of Celtic fairy tales is bound to enrapture. Filled to the brim with, as Joseph Jacob says, “both the best, and the best known folk-tales of the Celts,” this is the first of...

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Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories
The stories of Mary Shelley, H. G. Wells, and Jules Verne paved the way for the fantastic science fiction literature that we all enjoy today. However, full appreciation of these contemporary works is impossible without an understanding of their...

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