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The Beast Side
Living (and Dying) While Black in America
D. Watkins
Searing Dispatches from the Urban Zones Where African American Men Have Become an Endangered SpeciesTo many in the age of Obama, America had succeeded in “going beyond race,” putting the divisions of the past behind us. And then...

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Unauthorized Underground Brick Street Art
From Jeff Friesen, award-winning photographer and author of United States of LEGO®, comes a hilarious new book of diorama photographs that uses LEGO bricks to spoof the famous work of the mysterious anonymous graffiti artist known as Banksy...

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The End of the Story
The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 1
Clark Ashton Smith
“None strikes the note of cosmic horror as well as Clark Ashton Smith. In sheer daemonic strangeness and fertility of conception, Smith is perhaps unexcelled by any other writer.”—H. P. LovecraftClark Ashton Smith, considered one of...

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For the Love of Food and Yoga
A Celebration of Mindful Eating and Being
Liz Price-Kellogg, Kristen Taylor
Written by a yoga student and teacher, For The Love Of Food And Yoga: A Celebration Of Mindful Eating And Being is a visually rich exploration of how the inner awareness we develop on our yoga mats fuels our bodies, minds and overall states of...

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The Last Exodus
The Earthborn Trilogy Book 1
Paul Tassi
The Earth lies in ruins in the aftermath of an extraterrestrial invasion, the land devastated by a desperate war with no winners between mankind and a race of vicious, intelligent creatures. The seas are drying up while the atmosphere corrodes and...

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The Pirate King
The Incredible Story of the Real Captain Morgan
Graham A. Thomas
A compelling new account of history's most famous pirate.The Pirate King is the compelling true story of a Welshman who became one of the most ruthless and brutal buccaneers of the golden age of piracy. The inspiration for dozens of fictionalized...

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Scam School Academy
Advanced Lessons in Scoring Free Drinks, Doing Magic, and Becoming the Life of the Party
Brian Brushwood
Whether you’re trying to impress your friends or the girl across the bar, Scam School Academy is the ultimate guide to not impressing everyone around, but getting yourself some free drinks. With over eighty insane tricks, Scam School Graduate is...

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Thirteen Victims of Military Injustice
Michael Scott
“At all costs avoid blame.” Such is the creed of dictators and politicians, tycoons and company chairmen, media celebrities, and spin doctors the world over. But what about men at war, where the penalties for errors of judgment can be...

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The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Somnambulist
Kathleen Frazier
I came to in the middle of it, like waking inside a horror movie, silent scream and all. Eyes wide open. I was standing at an open window, staring at the dizzying curve of Riverside Drive, five floors below. I’d stopped, somehow, poised, about...

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Third Reich Victorious
Alternate Histories of World War II
This book is a stimulating and entirely plausible insight into how Hitler and his generals might have defeated the Allies, and a convincing sideways look at the Third Reich's bid at world domination in World War II. What would have happened if, for...

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