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The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach—Here's How It Will Go Down, and What It Can Teach All Runners about Training and Racing
Philip Maffetone
What will it take to run a marathon in less than two hours?Who will become marathon running’s Roger Bannister and smash this elusive record? How will this runner achieve the historical feat that will make headlines everywhere? Will it be a...

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Airplane Flying Handbook
Federal Aviation Administration
The Federal Aviation Administration’s Airplane Flying Handbook provides pilots, student pilots, aviation instructors, and aviation specialists with information on every topic needed to qualify for and excel in the field of aviation. Topics...

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The Book of Reading and Writing
Ideas, Tips, and Lists for the Elementary Classroom
Sandra E. Anderson
Are You Getting the Results You Want From Your Reading and Writing Instruction?This outstanding resource book provides research-based, practical ideas for creating a complete balanced reading and writing program that will make a difference for your...

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Breath Perception
A Daily Guide to Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Inner Peace
Barbara Ann Kipfer
A daily guide to harnessing the amazing power of breath.Breath Perception is your companion to understanding the power of breath and using it as a tool to improve your physical and mental health. Partly because we take breath for granted and do not...

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Brick Dracula and Frankenstein
Two Classic Horror Tales Told in a Whole New Way
Amanda Brack, Monica Sweeney, Becky Thomas
Get caught up in the two most famous scary stories of all time depicted in LEGO bricks! Creep your way through the shadowy sets of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula in this amazing brick adaptation. With one thousand...

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The Celebrity Playbook
The Insider's Guide to Living Like a Star
Leslie Gornstein
Colbert is to politics as the FameFatale is to celebrity life—both deliciously irresistible.If Hollywood is a sport, you want Leslie Gornstein on your team and this playbook in your ridiculously oversized leather purse. The Celebrity Playbook is...

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Classic Cocktails
Time-Honored Recipes for the Home Bartender
Amanda Hallay
Classy ladies and dapper gents have their favorite vintage cocktail go-to, and now you can as well! From Manhattans to Pink Ladies, Gin Fizzies to Whisky Sours, Gibsons to Stingers—and sixty additional cocktails—Classic Cocktails returns...

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I Cover the Waterfront
Stories from the San Diego Shore
Max Miller
“Distinctive, original, fresh in in tone and manner, with a quaint whimsicality of feeling and expression.”—The New York TimesLife on the Western waterfront has always fascinated Max Miller, a special reporter for the San Diego Sun...

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Dear Friends
The Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America
Christopher L. Webber
Americans want to know: What would Jesus do? What would Paul say today?For almost two thousand years, Christians have asked two essential questions: “What would Jesus do?” and “What would Paul say?” Paul wrote more of the New...

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Differentiation through Personality Types
A Framework for Instruction, Assessment, and Classroom Management
Jane A. G. Kise
Leverage proven teaching strategies to motivate all students!Students' learning styles are as unique as their personalities. As a result, the most successful teachers are often those who understand how to adjust their educational techniques to honor...

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