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Hot Tips for Teachers
30+ Steps to Student Engagement
Mark Reardon, Rob Abernathy
These teaching tips help educators grab and maintain students’ attention through engaging presentation techniques for tone of voice, body language, pacing, and graphic displays.Each tip includes an explanation of the strategy, an activity to...

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My Little Brony
An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship
K. M. Hayes
Drew Morris doesn’t just feel like an outsider in his football-crazed Texas town—he actually is. He sucks at sports, even though his dad is the high school football coach. And his supposed “teen growth spurt” has yet to be seen...

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Powerful Practices for High-Performing Special Educators
Robert Kaufman, Robert Wandberg
Special education teachers face unique challenges, especially when they are just beginning. This essential resource offers special educators a blueprint for dealing with the most common challenges they face both in the classroom and in the larger...

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Reaching Out
A K-8 Resource for Connecting Families and Schools
Diane W. Kyle, Ellen McIntyre, Karen B. Miller, Gayle H. Moore
Too often, today’s student feels alienated from school, and learning suffers as a result. Developing a relationship with the family can provide the missing link in the educational chain. Reaching Out is an invaluable resource for compassionate...

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Recipe for Great Teaching
11 Essential Ingredients
Anita Moultrie Turner
In this well-seasoned book, charismatic educator Anita Moultrie Turner shows new teachers, veteran teachers, and staff developers how to blend 11 essential ingredients into effective and productive classrooms where all students can succeed. Easy to...

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Service Learning
A Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Assessing Student Projects
Sally Berman
Service learning offers students the unique opportunity to learn both in the classroom and in the real world. This exciting teaching strategy, detailed in Berman’s second edition of Service Learning, motivates students to learn content...

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Singing Wires
A Western Story
L. P. Holmes
When word of the Pony Express being formed reached Clay Roswell in Texas, he decided to get a job as a rider. He was told his best chance for employment was along the desert stretch in Nevada Territory, so that was where he headed.Along the trail, he...

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The Steel Box
A Western Duo
Max Brand
“Prairie Pawn” tells the story of Paul Torridon, called White Thunder by the Cheyenne Indians holding him hostage. They believe that he cured Whistling Elk’s son from a menacing illness and brought rain when others had failed to do...

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Travers Corners
The Final Chapters
Scott Waldie
The final chapters of Scott Waldie’s iconic Travers Corners trilogy.Travers Corners, Montana, is not much more than Main Street. There’s Ed’s Garage and Filling Station; McCracken’s General Store—still owned and run by...

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1,001 Pearls of Golfers' Wisdom
Advice and Knowledge, from Tee to Green
There’s an old adage about sportswriting that says “the smaller the ball, the better the writing.” In this reissue of 1,001 Pearls of Golfers’ Wisdom, the compiled quotes prove that to be most definitely true! Including great...

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