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After the Fire
A Novel
Daniel Robinson
Barnes, the supervisor of a Hot Shot wildfire suppression crew, is haunted by the season past, when many members of his dedicated, young team were killed in a Colorado forest fire that went all wrong, scorching the Hot Shots as they fled, some as they...

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Carson Valley
A Novel
Bill Barich
From one of California’s most celebrated writers comes a generous and deeply absorbing novel, as filled with warmth and the hope of second chances as the land it describes.Returning from New York to the vineyards of Northern California to be...

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The Clintons' War on Women
Roger Stone, Robert Morrow
Hillary Clinton is running for president as an “advocate of women and girls,” but there is another shocking side to her story that has been carefully covered up—until now. This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill...

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Final Chapters
How Famous Authors Died
Jim Bernhard
Famous authors, like everybody else, know that one day they will die. Final Chapters tells the fascinating stories of more than one hundred writers’ encounters with death—and their attitudes toward the Grim Reaper: fear, uncertainty...

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How the Irish Won the American Revolution
A New Look at the Forgotten Heroes of America's War of Independence
Phillip Thomas Tucker, Phillip Thomas Tucker
When the Continental Congress decided to declare independence from the British empire in 1776, ten percent of the population of their fledgling country were from Ireland. By 1790, close to 500,000 Irish citizens had immigrated to America. They were...

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The Invisible Orientation
An Introduction to Asexuality
Julie Sondra Decker
A finalist for the 2015 LAMBDA Literary Award.What if you weren't sexually attracted to anyone?A growing number of people are identifying as asexual. They aren’t sexually attracted to anyone, and they consider it a sexual orientation—like...

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Lightning of Gold
A Western Story
Max Brand
From legendary Western author Max Brand comes a tale of covert espionage, gold, and a mysterious figure on horseback.In this dramatic and strange story, Lefty Bill Ranger, an Alaskan mail carrier, travels to Circle City through a terrific snowstorm...

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Maurice Guest
A Novel
Henry Handel Richardson
Maurice Guest comes to Leipzig, the music capital of Europe, to realize his dream of becoming a great pianist. However, in its bohemian and heady atmosphere, he encounters not exaltation and inspiration but coarseness, greed, and ambition. For his...

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Red Fire
A Western Trio
Max Brand
From legendary Western author Max Brand comes a collection of stories about a slave, a jewel thief, and a captive.In “Master and Man,” Bobbie is a black man who can outride, outfight, and outshoot any white man in the mountain desert. His...

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Restoring Valor
One Couple's Mission to Expose Fraudulent War Heroes and Protect America's Military Awards System
Doug Sterner, Pam Sterner
“Terrific read. Stories of stolen valor you won’t believe, and those who hunt them down and participated in writing legislation to restore dignity to all those who have truly served in combat.” —Peter C. Lemon, recipient...

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