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1,033 Reasons to Smile
Elizabeth Dutton, Elizabeth Dutton
With all the impending doomsday predictions everyone is looking for a reason to smile these days. And why not? Smiling has been shown to relieve stress, boost the immune system, release endorphins, and even make us more attractive. It’s the...

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11 Points Guide to Hooking Up
Lists and Advice about First Dates, Hotties, Scandals, Pick-ups, Threesomes, and Booty Calls
Sam Greenspan, Sam Greenspan
Most everyone has been, or will be, one half of a budding romantic relationship at least once—but not everyone knows how to successfully navigate those first-date butterflies, the potentially steamy bedroom scenes, and the ever-feared crushing...

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2,501 Things That Really Piss Me Off
A Catalog of Insults and Intrusions That are Sure to Ruin My Day
Herb Reich, Herb Reich
Complaining, psychologists assert, is good for the soul. It acts as a relief valve to help dispel the pent-up energy generated by our frustration. If we weren’t able to complain, we would no doubt exhibit more physical violence and engage more...

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5,000 Sidesplitting Jokes and One-Liners
“I’ll never forget the words my granddad said before he kicked the bucket. He said ‘Grandson, watch how far I can kick this bucket.’”“The key to any marriage is spontaneity. You’ve got to be ready to leave at...

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The A-List Playbook
How to Survive Any Crisis While Remaining Wealthy, Famous, and Most Importantly, Skinny
Leslie Gornstein, Leslie Gornstein
If Hollywood is a sport, you want Leslie Gornstein on your team and this playbook in your ridiculously-oversized leather purse. The A-List Playbook is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the exciting alternate reality of the celebrity...

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Around the World in 80 Lays
Adventures in Sex Travel
Joe Diamond, Joe Diamond
As globalization erodes national borders and the Internet spawns online communities for every conceivable interest or fetish, sex tourism is surging. Around the World in 80 Lays is the first book to explore the emergence of the online sex tourist...

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The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People
David Brown, David Brown
In The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People, David Brown pinpoints the seven principles of relationship building that are crucial to creating a successful working environment. Brown breaks down each principle by providing easy to...

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The Art of Barter
How to Trade for Almost Anything
Karen Hoffman, Karen Hoffman, Shera Dalin, Shera Dalin
Just because you don’t have cash doesn’t mean you don’t want and need things. According to authors and business gurus Karen Hoffman and Shera Dalin, it’s time to get a little creative. Most people have a skill they can...

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The Art of the Compliment
Using Kind Words with Grace and Style
Christie Matheson, Christie Matheson, John Geary
A few well-chosen words can elicit smiles, inspire happiness, transform moods, and turn a bad day into a good one. Philosopher William James once said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the desire to be appreciated.” This is a fun...

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The Art of Zombie Warfare
How to Kick Ass Like the Walking Dead
Scott Kenemore, Scott Kenemore
Sun Tzu meets George Romero in Scott Kenemore’s third zombie book. 40 color...

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