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301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions
Vicky Oliver, Vicky Oliver
As times change, so do norms of behavior in the office. 301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions has the answers you need to survive daily life in the professional environment. Following the same popular Q&A format of her...

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The 7 Principles of Public Speaking
Proven Methods from a PR Professional
Richard Zeoli, Richard Zeoli
Frequently cited as the number one fear among A proven, gimmick-free lesson guaranteed to business executives, public speaking doesn’t make anyone a better speaker and come naturally to most people. Pitching an idea, presenter. selling a...

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Above All Else
A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success
Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
World famous competitive skydiver and coach Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld presents proven tools and techniques for success and explains how they can be used in everyday life. Dan survived a plane crash from which sixteen of the twenty-two people on board were...

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All I Know About Management I Learned from My Dog
The Real Story of Angel, a Rescued Golden Retriever, Who Inspired the New Four Golden Rules of Management
Martin Levin, Martin P. Levin, Martin P. Levin
When 91-year-old legendary management guru Martin Levin decided to adopt a dog by the name of Angel, he thought he was in for an interesting experience, yet not a challenging one. It didn’t take long for him to learn that he was wrong. Very...

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A Basic Guide to Exporting
Here is practical advice for anyone who wants to build their business by selling overseas. The International Trade Administration covers key topics such as marketing, legal issues, customs, and more. With real-life examples and a full index, A Basic...

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Body Language for Business
Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Creating Great First Impressions, Controlling Anxiety, Exuding Confidence, and Ensuring Successful Interviews, Meetings, and Relationships
Max A. Eggert, Max A. Eggert
Body Language for Business will show you how to understand the intricacies of body language and how to maximize your interpersonal skills in all your relationships—in your personal life and at work. This handy guide holds successful tips for not...

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The Business Wisdom of Steve Jobs
250 Quotes from the Innovator Who Changed the World
Alan Ken Thomas, Alan Ken Thomas
Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., was truly one of this generation’s most innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Apple, under his vision and direction, changed the way people interact with each other and think about technology. Known as...

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Car Wars
Fifty Years of Backstabbing, Infighting, And Industrial Espionage ....
Mantle Jonathan

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Casey's Law
If Something Can Go Right, It Should
Al Casey
“It is refreshing, in days of pessimistic forecasts, to find a former CEO as positive and optimistic as...

Product image Presents: Angel's Laws of Blogging
What You Need to Know if You Want to Have a Successful and Profitable Blog
Angel Laws, Angel Laws
Self-taught Angel Laws, the founder of, created a successful and profitable blog, one that receives more than 500,000 unique hits a day. Offering readers simple, step-by-step advice on how to turn a blog into a career—or at the...

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