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The Year Everything Changed
Rob Kirkpatrick, Rob Kirkpatrick, Rob Kirpatrick
For the fortieth anniversary of 1969, Rob Kirkpatrick takes a look back at a year when America witnessed many of the biggest landmark achievements, cataclysmic episodes, and...

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The Year Everything Changed
Rob Kirkpatrick, Rob Kirkpatrick
In 1969, man landed on the moon; the “Miracle Mets” captivated sports fans; students took over college campuses and demonstrators battled police; America witnessed the Woodstock music festival; Hollywood produced Easy Rider; Kurt Vonnegut...

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366 Days in Abraham Lincoln's Presidency
The Private, Political, and Military Decisions of America's Greatest President
In a startlingly innovative format, journalist Stephen A. Wynalda has constructed a painstakingly detailed day-by-day breakdown of president Abraham Lincoln’s decisions in office—including his signing of the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862...

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Accessories After the Fact
The Warren Commission, the Authorities & the Report on the JFK Assassination
Sylvia Meagher, Sylvia Meagher
Originally published in 1967, Meagher’s masterful dissection of the Warren Report, based on the Warren Commission’s own evidence, has stood the test of time. In some cases, declassifications of government records have corroborated the...

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Act of Treason
The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy
Mark North, Mark North
In this meticulously researched classic of the JFK conspiracy genre that Library Journal calls "sensational," Mark North argues convincingly that President John F. Kennedy died as the result of a plot masterminded by Louisiana Mafia chieftain Carlos...

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The Adventures of the Mountain Men
True Tales of Hunting, Trapping, Fighting, and Survival
The “mountain men” were the hunters and trappers who fiercely strode the Rocky Mountains in the early to mid-1800s. They braved the elements in search of the skins of beavers and other wild animals, to sell or barter for goods. The...

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Africa Doesn't Matter
How the West Has Failed the Poorest Continent and What We Can Do About It
Giles Bolton
Africa, a continent enormously rich in resources and people, remains the sick child of the modern...

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The American Invasion of Canada
The War of 1812's First Year
Pierre Berton, Pierre Berton
How could a nation of eight million fail to subdue a struggling British colony of 300,000? In this remarkable account of the war’s first year, Pierre Burton transforms history into an engrossing narrative that reads like a fast-paced novel...

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The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials
A Personal Memoir
Telford Taylor, Telford Taylor
In 1945, the Allied nations agreed on a judicial process, rather than summary execution, to determine the fate of the Nazis following the end of World War II. Held in Nuremberg, the ceremonial birthplace of the Nazi Party, the British, American...

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The Anthrax Letters
A Bioterrorism Expert Investigates the Attack That Shocked America
Leonard A. Cole, Leonard A. Cole
At 2:00am on October 2, 2001, Robert Stevens entered a hospital emergency room. Feverish, nauseated, and barely conscious, no one knew what was making him sick. Three days later he was dead. Stevens was the first fatal victim of bioterrorism in...

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