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Bets, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
The Rise and Fall of the World's First Offshore Sports Gambling Empire
Steve Budin, Steve Budin, Bob Schaller, Bob Schaller
The gambler’s high is like a rush; he feels invulnerable. That high lasts, though, only until the next big loss. Such is the story of Steve Budin, who created the first online sports betting company. Under the tutelage of his father, a...

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Brain Teasers
211 Logic Puzzles, Lateral Thinking Games, Mazes, Crosswords, and IQ Tests to Exercise Your Mind and Keep You Sharp 'til You're 100
Ian Ian Livingstone, Ian Livingstone, Ian Livingstone, Jamie Thomson, Jamie Thomson
A great way to have fun and build brain power, Brain Teasers offers a variety of games to delight and challenge even the most advanced puzzler. Brain Teasers shows off some outrageously fun new mindbenders, like anasearches (a combination of an...

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Easy Casino Gambling
Winning Strategies for the Beginner
Gayle Mitchell, Gayle Mitchell
Everyone who has ever gambled knows how even small bets can make the heart race. Gayle Mitchell understands because that’s how she felt when she first walked into a Las Vegas casino nearly twenty years ago. Because her first experience was such...

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How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread
A Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide to Picking NFL Winners
Bobby Smith, Bobby Smith
How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread will set bettors on a confidence-building path lined with high-priority realities which for decades have flown under the typical football bettor's radar. Smith emphasizes that pure football knowledge must be...

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Small Track Betting
Pick More Winners Using This Sure Fire Eight-Point System of Race Analysis
C.N. Richardson, C. N. Richardson, C. N. Richardson, Peter Reinhart, Clara Winston, Richard Winston
This authoritative guide will make horseplayers a lot of money.  Respected racing author C.N. Richardson takes would-be winners through his eight-point system for betting.  Most important, by working his strategy at small tracks (including...