The Supervillain Field Manual

The Supervillain Field Manual

How to Conquer (Super) Friends and Incinerate People
As told by Matt D. Wilson, Matt D. Wilson

With so much good out there, the time is now to take off those henchmen training wheels and become a full-fledged supervillain! With lessons from the founder and overlord of the International Society of Supervillains (ISS), King Oblivion, Ph.D. will craft you step-by-step into a fine-tuned anti-hero.

The Supervillian Field Manual is complete with every strategy the aspiring malevolent overlord needs. You will learn how to:Handle unruly hostages
  • Control your minions
  • Deal with increased notoriety
  • And much more!
It’s time to emerge from your clandestine lair with bad intentions and start exacting the kind of vengeance that only an all-universe supervillain like yourself can handle. So keep honing your rage, fine-tuning your lasers, and remember . . . keep your enemies close, and your Super Friends closer.

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