The Millionaire's Handbook

The Millionaire's Handbook

How to Look and Act like a Millionaire, Even if You're Not

We all know that money is power. The wealthiest few get invited to glitzier parties, live in swankier homes, obtain more lucrative deals, and attract rosier prospects than the rest of us. But why should life’s best perks accrue only to those able to afford them? In a world where social standing is determined primarily by perception, The Millionaire’s Handbook will show you what it takes to mingle with millionaires and party with plutocrats.

Vicky Oliver will give you the brazen confidence that you need to dress the part on a pauper’s allowance, nosh on the right finger sandwiches without splattering any cucumber juice, hobnob with the world’s most influential people, and navigate your way through their cloistered bubble with aplomb. Complete with interactive exercises and fun sidebars, discover how to:

Lose the accent that betrays your humble roots
Scale the charity ladder when the charity case is you
Be a trophy spouse in training
Never order from a menu (a menu should only be skimmed for ideas on what to order)
Dress to impress, even if the Emperor has no clothes (and you are the Emperor)
Foster your own special brand of eccentricity
Develop an obscure hobby (such as tornado-chasing)
Master the language of affluence with 64 words that are the key to a $64 million vocabulary

The Millionaire’s Handbook will help you attain the trappings of luxury—no matter your net worth!

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