The Art of Barter

The Art of Barter

How to Trade for Almost Anything
Karen Hoffman, Karen Hoffman, Shera Dalin, Shera Dalin

Just because you don’t have cash doesn’t mean you don’t want and need things. According to authors and business gurus Karen Hoffman and Shera Dalin, it’s time to get a little creative. Most people have a skill they can use—it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is and how to use it to get something else. From piano lessons in exchange for haircuts to an engine tune-up in exchange for house painting, The Art of Barter offers step-by-step instructions in:
  • Determining your “tradable” skills
  • Initiating a trade
  • Figuring out a fair exchange
  • How to close a deal
  • Incorporating barter into everyday life
In addition, the book is peppered with inspirational ideas on how to use barter in today’s tough economic world.

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