Davidsson, Ulrika

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Raw Food Detox
Over 100 Recipes for Better Health, Weight Loss, and Increased Vitality
By Ulrika Davidsson
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Now you can cleanse your system of toxins and reap the health benefits of a raw foodist’s expertise with minimal time and effort—and without breaking the bank! From Ulrika Davidsson, an advocate of green living and healthy eating and one of Sweden’s bestselling cookbook authors, comes this tempting collection... [READ MORE]
The Hormone Balance Cookbook
60 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Regulate Hormonal Balance, Lose Weight, and Improve Brain Function
By Mia Lundin, By Ulrika Davidsson
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Women—we all want to eat right, live healthy, and rid ourselves of hormonal imbalance woes, whether we suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), mood swings, painful periods and cramps, or menopause. And often, we’re not careful about what we eat, and our bodies begin to cry for help. Fortunately, the... [READ MORE]
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