Burton, Richard

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Employees Gone Wild
Crazy (and True!) Stories of Office Misbehavior, and What You Can Learn From the Mistakes of Others
By Richard Burton
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Hilarious and hair-rising true tales of office debauchery from the lawyer who gets paid to clean up the mess.Try to imagine the following workplace scenarios: two employees having hot and heavy sex in an open cubicle in full view of their coworkers. A manager's mugshot printed out and posted in the break... [READ MORE]
A Thriller
By Richard Burton
(Arcade Publishing)
Kate Skylar is an ordinary seventeen-year-old with an extraordinary destiny. A virgin, Kate suddenly finds herself pregnant with what she believes is the Son of God. But the Catholic Church is convinced Kate is carrying the Antichrist and, assisted by an artificial intelligence known as Grand Inquisitor,... [READ MORE]
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