Dunlop, Richard

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Behind Japanese Lines
With the OSS in Burma
By Richard Dunlop
(Skyhorse Publishing)
The extraordinary firsthand account of an American special forces unit in the jungles of southeast Asia and their guerilla operations against the Japanese during World War II!In early 1942, with World War II going badly, President Roosevelt turned to General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, now known historically... [READ MORE]
America’s Master Spy
Introduction by William Stephenson, By Richard Dunlop
(Skyhorse Publishing)
The fascinating biography of the man who laid the foundation for the CIA.One of the most celebrated and highly decorated heroes of World War I, a noted trial lawyer, presidential adviser and emissary, and chief of America’s Office of Strategic Services during World War II, William J. Donovan was a legendary... [READ MORE]
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