Amstutz, Lorraine Stutzman

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The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse
Hope through Trauma
By Judah Oudshoorn, By Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, By Michelle Jackett
(Good Books)
Restorative justice is gaining acceptance for addressing harm and crime. Interventions have been developed for a wide range of wrongdoing. This book considers the use of restorative justice in response to sexual abuse. Rather than a blueprint or detailing a specific set of programs, it is more about... [READ MORE]
The Big Book of Restorative Justice
Four Classic Justice & Peacebuilding Books in One Volume
By Howard Zehr, By Allan MacRae, By Kay Pranis, By Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
(Good Books)
For the first time, the four most popular restorative justice books in the Justice & Peacebuilding series—The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated, The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing, The Little Book of Family Group Conferences, and The Little Book of Circle Processes—are... [READ MORE]
The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools
Teaching Responsibility; Creating Caring Climates
By Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
(Good Books)
Can community-building begin in a classroom? The authors of this book believe that by applying restorative justice at school, we can build a healthier and more just society. With practical applications and models. Can an overworked teacher possibly turn an unruly incident with students into an "opportunity... [READ MORE]
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