Benko, Laura

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The Holistic Home
Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space
By Laura Benko
(Helios Press)
Rule the world and take control of your emotional and mental health from where you sit, stand, and sleep. The Holistic Home is based on an original lifestyle concept focused on creating a dynamic, healthy, and thoughtful space within yourself and your home by combining three planes of action—mind, body,... [READ MORE]
The Holistic Dog
Inside the Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space
By Laura Benko, By (photographer) Susan Fisher Plotner
(Helios Press)
People love their pets—especially their dogs. They treat them as children, as part of the family. They want to do everything they can for them, including making them feel loved, welcomed, and appreciated around the house. By delving into dogs’ worlds holistically through their mind, body, spirit, and... [READ MORE]
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