Brown, Ann Marie

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Hike Smart
Tips and Tactics for Improving Your Treks
By Ann Marie Brown, By Terra Breeden
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Are you a first-timer about to take your inaugural trek? Are you a veteran hiker looking to be even more efficient when enjoying the sport you love? Are you someone in between? Then look no further than expert trekker Ann Brown’s Hike Smart, the definitive guide to efficient and enjoyable hiking for... [READ MORE]
On the Trail
Woodcraft and Camping Skills for Girls and Young Women
By Adelia Beard, By Lina Beard, Foreword by Ann Marie Brown
(Skyhorse Publishing)
In the early twentieth century, while young men were flocking to explore the beauty of the American wilderness, their female counterparts were typically relegated to the domestic sphere. But as the fight for equality of the sexes strengthened, so too did the feminine desire to discover the wilderness.... [READ MORE]
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